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Aititude enables optimal business results via comprehensive user journey strategies.

Smart Data Intelligence

Smart Data Intelligence Platform for optimizing user acquisition. Enhance user acquisition through AI-enhanced customer insights.

AI Powered Insights

Enhance audience insights via AIpowered affinity. Discover hidden segments for expansive growth.

Sync channels, enrich engagement

Sync personalized channels for enriched engagement. Optimize journey with AI insights across platforms.

Effortlessly acquire

Enhance ads with AI for peak performance. Effortlessly acquire valuable customers, optimize campaigns.


Learn from users, optimize outcomes with algorithms for value

Thoroughly understand real user actions, utilize diverse data sources, and enhance user value through continuously refined algorithms, leading to optimal advertising results.

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Mobile & Web Solutions

Brand Hyper Personalization

AI-powered hyper personalization drives shopping destination status, engaging each shopper, maximizing brand awareness, precise product recommendations, deep shopper insights, and conversion incentives, replicating in-store experience, fostering lasting customer relationships.

Personalized Finance Excellence

Leverage data for personalized finance and insights. Acquire lookalike customers, retarget with AI, ensure data security. Maximize sales through predictive recommendations, efficient cross-channel ads, enhance loyalty via interactive social media.

Automate Engagement Boost

Boost entertainment app acquisition, engage high-value gamers, automate across platforms, re-engage churned users, deepen loyalty with interactive marketing.

Precision performance optimization with dynamic scalable outcomes.


year of experience

Leverage adaptive models for real-time performance optimization in predictive accuracy. Expand user acquisition and monetization across budgets, ads, and regions, ensuring precise and efficient outcomes.

Finance & Insurance
IT Managment


We Delivered Best Solution

TEMU E-Commerce

TEMU's ROI-driven growth, simplified experiences, personalized conversions, and customer-centric engagement drive success.

Daily Yoga Lifestyle

Aititude empowers Daily Yoga’s online sales, loyalty, and holiday marketing with AI-driven personalized strategies, real time engagement, and automation.

Amazon Prime Video Entertainment

Aititude expanded global campaigns, exceeding goals by 10-15%. DSP empowers control, reducing CPI by 15%.

Krungsri Credit Card Finance & Insurance

Aititude utilized AI micro-segmentation for precise targeting, expanded influence, and increased engagement. Aititude optimized campaign timing, resulting in a 10% boost in click-through rates across categories.


1k+ Satisfied Clients Worldwide

Sincerely values your innovative, precise advertising that enhances exposure and drives robust business growth. Expertise highly appreciated.

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Your expertise, understanding of customer needs, and advertising value strengthen our partnership for ongoing success and greater achievements.

Hadi Farsadi / CMO,Cycas