We offer the most responsive AI solutions, enhancing your online advertising effectiveness.

Transforming Mobile Advertising: Brands Built, Users Loyal, AI-Driven

who we are

Aititude is an Artificial Intelligence driven online advertising company, providing clients with efficient and precise ad solutions through innovative technology and data-driven strategies.

Optimized algorithms, diverse data maximize user value, deliver growth, ROI via targeted ads.

Aititude's dream is "AI-driven smart ads." Over the past 8 years, we envisioned precise automated decision-making. We persist in enhancing ad performance and user experience through personalized recommendations, precise targeting, and real-time optimization.

Prediction and Classification

Ability to forecast future trends based on existing data or categorize data into different classes.

Clustering and Segmentation

Ability to group data into similar clusters, revealing patterns hidden within the data.


Building Everything You Need For Your Ads

Mission of purposeful endeavor

Real-time algorithm optimization for client success and user-brand interaction.

Rekindling Connection by Re-engagement

Real-time capture of ad campaigns and user profiling, enriching value through hyper-targeted interactive behaviors.

User Acquisition

KPIs optimization is directed towards KPIs and fragmented goals, with a variety of available rich media to achieve targets.

Return On Ads Spend

LTV factors optimized through algorithms and data for lifespan, IAP, frequency, behavior.